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Give a Mirror a Brave twist



My mom decided that Ella HAD to have a long mirror. Why? Because she loves to look at herself in our bathroom mirror. Check out her clothes, make sure her hair is pretty. It’s kind of adorable really.

Anyways, when we bought a mirror for Ella’s dress up cabinet, mom decided to get two. I knew I couldn’t just put a plain mirror in Ella’s princess room. That’s just too boring. Nothing boring goes in my princesses new room.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. I figured that like the snow white mirror, ┬áit needed a cool quote. I couldn’t use a quote from a princess I’ve already made something for, so that limited it a bit. I ended up going with a quote from Brave. The quote is: Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.”

So this is the mirror completely untouched. See? Boring.


I completely forgot to take pictures in between the begining and the end. You need to tape off your mirror so you can paint it. I still have a can of gold spray paint that I used. Took about 2 coats.

Then time to apply the words. I went with sticker letters this time to make my life so much easier. I went through my moms stash and found a bunch of gold letters. I wrote it out on a couple of pieces of paper first so I knew that it would fit. Luckily it did.


My mom loves it. So does Ella. She came over the next day and was so excited.


I can’t wait to hang it in her bedroom!



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