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Black Friday Tips and Tricks

Black Friday is just around the corner! Honestly, I’m more excited about Black Friday then about Thanskgiving. I’m just so not a turkey person.


Here are my best tips for shopping Black Friday.


MAKE A PLAN! I am obsessive with my planning for Black Friday. My mom always tells me I’m a weirdo because of it. I go through every day and write down a big list. I write what I want, the price, and what time the store opens/the sale starts. I’m also big on comparing prices. Like I can get this dvd for $2 at Walmart, but if it’s out I can still get it at Target for $2.50. Check out the ads early at BFADS.


You MUST get there early. If you don’t, then don’t plan on getting the items you want. Especially if they are big ticket items, aka things on the first page. 🙂 Getting there early means getting in line early. And the first in line is the first to get the deal. Last year I dragged my mother in line at Target like three hours early. It was freezing, it kind of sucked, but it was awesome. I like doing the waiting part. To me it is apart of the tradition.

Shoppers vie for copies of video games at a Black Friday sale at a Wal-Mart Stores Inc. store in Mentor, Ohio, U.S., on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011. Retailers are pouring on the discounts to attract consumers grappling with 9 percent unemployment and a slower U.S. economic expansion than previously estimated. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There will be crazy people there! The people who push and bitch and will do anything to save $5. Try to remember, you are there to have fun! Ignore those who take themselves too seriously. maxresdefault

Unless you bring a team, you won’t get everything you want. Mom and I usually split up. I run off and race around grabbing things, while mom more slowly goes around grabbing things. Then we meet back up and I drop everything in the cart and run back around like a crazy person. By time I come back, mom is usually waiting in line.


Don’t fret if you miss out on a deal. Because it is Christmastime, the deals will come back around, probably the next week. Plus, there is always Cyber Monday. I’ve never been a huge Cyber Monday person, mostly because I’m broke from Black Friday.

What are your best Black Friday tips?


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