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Black Friday Shopping List Organizer Printable

EEEK! Black Friday is almost here! Only four more days. Well, more like three, since most stores open up on Thanksgiving now.


As much as I love Black Friday, my love doesn’t exactly help my memory. I’ve always had to make a list of every store with every item I may want. This list is always hand written and no matter how much I try, not perfect. A lot of scribbled in items or times. Black Friday Shopping List Organizer Printable

This year, I decided to make a printable. This year, my list is going to look perfect.

With this printable, the top is for you to put your list of stores in order of priority. Go to Target 1st, Walmart 2nd, etc. Underneath is the real list. Write down your item, the store, the price, and then once you buy it, check it off!

I highly suggest getting a paper copy of the ads on Wednesday. Go through each one page by page and write EVERYTHING down you think you may want to buy on the list. You may have to print a couple of these out depending on how much you are buying!

To print, right click to open a new tab. From there, the option print option should be available! There are two options: letter size (normal printer paper size) and Happy Planner size.

Letter Size

Black Friday Shopping List Organizer Printable

Happy Planner Size

Black Friday Shopping List Organizer Printable

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  1. This printable came right on time. It’ll come in handy for my Black Friday shopping (and beyond). Also, thank you for the Happy planner size insert, that’s a great bonus.

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