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BFG Movie Review

BFG aka, the Big Friendly Giant, hit theaters today! If you haven’t seen the many commercials, here is the basic story line.

A little girl, Sophie, gets kidnapped by a giant who sees her peeking at him. This giant ends up being kind and determined to keep her safe. But safe from what? The much bigger and scarier kid-eating giants. Sophie and BFG have to make a plan to keep Sophie safe and BFG from being bullied any longer. Hint: this plan involves the queen.

BFG Movie Review from Stingy, Thrifty, Broke

Steven Speilberg, who produced and directed the BFG, did a great job on capturing the essence of a Ronald Dahl book. If you are thinking, who the heck is Ronald Dahl, he is the brilliant mind behind Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda. If you say you haven’t seen or read either of these, come on, we both know you are lying.

I’m very mixed on this movie. While most people, adults and kids alike, seem to have loved the BFG, I actually almost fell asleep. I did take my mom and she said she thought it was cute. With this movie, it is 100% through and through a kids movie. You know how most kids movies these days have very subtle adult humor (think Shrek), the BFG almost does not. I say almost because there is a part when you are looking at the jars and the labels say something like “naked in public” and “naked at wedding.” Which, I think, would be just as funny to kids as well.

BFG Movie Review from Stingy, Thrifty, Broke

Even though I wasn’t a huge fan, all the kids in the theater seemed to love it. I’m sure my niece would too because there aren’t any “too scary” parts. If you have kids, I recommend taking them. If you are just going as an adult, I suggest waiting to rent it.

If you are taking kids, make sure to print out this cool dictionary with all of BFG’s silly words! I’m also including links to coloring pages, bookmarks, word search, maze, and a spot the difference.


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