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Back to School Survival Kit

When I was in school, I filled my backpack up with stuff. I hated being without when I needed something. So many times I was thankful for a spare pair of socks or a roll of tape. So after 4 years of high school and 5 years of college here is my suggestions for school survival. 

back to school survival kit
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Extra pencils are a must have! I suggest the Bic Velocity pencils because they write so well. You also need to carry pens because there is always that one teacher that requires pens over pencils! I like the Bic Gel-ocity because they are so smooth and dry quick! Keep a notebook or extra paper on you, for those professors who suddenly decide you can’t use your computer or NEED to write something down.  I can’t tell you how many times I needed a pair of scissors. Even just a kids set works!I highly suggest keeping washi tape in your bag over regular tape. You can easily write on it, use it to patch something up, or as normal tape. It is so versatile!   I once forgot my headphones. After listening to the dumbest conversation ever had by a human, I went to the bookstore and bought a pair for $20. Worth it.  All it takes is for your phone to die once while you still have 3 hours left on campus.  Another option is a backup battery. I suggest having both, just in case your phone is about to die and there are no plugs available.  It’s raining and your feet get soaked. It was warm in the morning and now it’s freezing. Socks to the rescue! It’s just smart to keep a couple of Band-Aid’s on you. The Skin Flex type are great because they act like a second skin and don’t come off as easily as others!  It sucked getting headaches and yet HAVING to stay at school. Keep some type of pain reliever on you! Hand sanitizer is great for not just cleaning your hands before you eat, but when they are sticky, or after you touch something gross!  Keep tissues on you. They work as well, tissues, but also as napkins if need be!  Gum and mints go together. Great for when your breath is gross or you need something to help you concentrate! Even if you don’t like taking water with you, you should keep a water bottle on you. I had a professor that only allowed water bottles, not cans or plastic cups. Pour that $4 coffee or XL Mt Dew into your water bottle and you are good to go!  It was a lucky day when I didn’t spill something on myself. Once I spilled an entire thing of apple sauce on myself while just trying to get the lid off. Tide sticks are a lifesaver.      I liked to keep all my more girly stuff in a little makeup pouch. Just extra organization!  I tend to sweat a lot, so keeping deodorant on me was a must.  For those days when extra deodorant doesn’t quite do it, perfume works great for helping cover up not so nice smells.  I’ve went to school with a full face of makeup minus mascara before. Also great for when you realize you have a presentation to make and forgot to put any makeup on! Always keep your favorite lip balm on you! I usually kept scrunchies, but any type of hair tie is good.  Keep a crap ton of bobby pins on you because they will, 100%, slowly disappear. Perfect for keeping those fly aways out of your eyes when you study.  Qtips are great for fixing your makeup or cleaning your ears. Just handy to keep on hand! Walking through a windstorm and then not having a brush sucks. Trust me on this. I like a travel brush like this because it is a brush and a mirror in one!  It always drove me crazy when I would get a hangnail. At least with a nail file I could take care of it! Nail clippers are great for the same reason! They also work as makeshift scissors if you don’t have a pair.  I liked to keep face wipes not only to wipe my face but they work great as hand wipes too!Keep a small bottle Batiste dry shampoo in your bag for those mornings you just don’t have time to take a shower!  Hair spray can be used not just for hair spray, but to help with stains, keeping bugs away, and moreIf you live anywhere with a real winter, you know why you need lotion. It always works in a pinch if you don’t have hair spray.  It seems silly, but keep a few safety pins on you. Great for when clothes break, your backpack busts, and more.  And last but not least, if you are female, keep a few extra pads and tampons on you. Starting your period without any protection is the worst. 

What products do you keep in your backpack as must have items?


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