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My Attempt at Barbie Style

My Attempt at Barbie Style

Today is National Barbie Day! When I was a kid, I loved barbies. I had a billion of them. I had ones I played with and ones I kept all nice and pretty in the boxes. My favorite in the box barbie was the wedding barbie with red hair, who wore a dress designed by the same person who designed my sissy’s dress.

I would line them up to listen to whatever show I would put on.


I seriously had a cool playroom.


What kid doesn’t want to play barbies in a tent in the middle of the living room?


I still have the pink barbie. It has a thing on its back that goes, wewowewoo weeeeee weeewo.


So, back to the reason for this post. For national barbie day, I thought it would be cool to replicate the fashion/beauty of an old barbie. Of course, I had to pick from the red headed barbies. If you are curious, the newer red headed barbie’s name is Midge.

I had a few to choose from. I let my niece decide which one I would try to replicate. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. She even waited in the bathroom while I took my shower so we could start. I love her, but she is a silly sometimes.

I really have no idea what the name of the barbie below is. I just know that I am loving everything about her style.

My Attempt at Barbie Style

I’ll be honest, I don’t think I nailed it. Do I look pretty? Yes. Do I look like barbie? Not so much. Although I totally look like barbie according to my niece. She kept telling me, “auntie, you look just like barbie” after every little thing I did. It made the whole thing worth it.

Because I do not own a dress like the one above, I went for the “michigan winter” version of barbie. I grabbed a black hoodie to match her top, and purple leggings to match her skirt. My niece was super excited I had purple leggings.

The last thing I was about to do was curl my hair up and out. So I went the more modern route and curled my hair under. There was no way I was wearing my hair curled up out in public.

My Attempt at Barbie Style

I was able to follow the purple eyes. But I wish I had brighter purple. I think if I had, it would have matched barbie better. I did have the bright red lipstick, something I honestly didn’t even know I had in my stash. I HAD to put on the red lip gloss. As soon as we started Ella kept trying to put lipgloss on me. Pull a brush out? Time for lip gloss. Put eyeshadow on? Time for lip gloss.

My Attempt at Barbie Style

I tried to do a kissy face look like barbie, to make my lips tiny. Not entirely sure I nailed it.

My Attempt at Barbie Style

A closer look at the eyeshadow. I was super proud of myself for making my eyeliner look nice and have a baby wing.

My Attempt at Barbie Style

See? My eyeliner game is on point.

My Attempt at Barbie Style

Ella HAD to have makeup on too. Which I totally didn’t mind doing. I love playing beauty shop with her. She also thought that eyeshadow needed to be on her forehead. Hey, she might start a new trend.


We also took fun pictures, because hey, aunties are fun!

IMG_5643 IMG_5636 IMG_5635 IMG_5634

I actually kind of like the pictures with my glasses on better. More so because it actually looks like me.

IMG_5644 IMG_5645 IMG_5646 IMG_5649

To complete the look, I went with a purple scarf. Especially since you couldn’t really tell my leggings were purple.


While overall I wouldn’t really say I pulled off the barbie look exact, I did get to have a great time with my niece. And that’s what it’s all about.

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3 Responses

  1. Sandra Watts says:

    Looks like ya had fun. Barbie is a tough one to match. I wish we could all look like her. 🙂

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Barbie is a difficult one to match. You did a good job and had fun too.

  3. Edna Williams says:

    Looks good! Nice throwback pictures!

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