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Adventures in Babysitting: Movie Review

When I was a kid, I really enjoyed the movie, Adventures in Babysitting. The basis of the old version is that the babysitter goes to the city to rescue her friend, bringing the kids in tow. And of course, chaos unfolds. It has Anthony Rapp, and I’m a big fan of him.

Adventures in Babysitting Movie Review

I was given the chance to check out the new Adventures in Babysitting. I wasn’t really expecting much. But it had ‘a descendant’ (Sofia Carson who plays Evie on Descendants) in it, so I knew I couldn’t say no. My niece ADORES that movie. She knows all the dance moves. 🙂

Here is the best way to describe how my niece felt about this movie. We ended up turning it on late because she and papa played outside for a long time. I wasn’t allowed to turn it on until she had her jammies on. When she had to go pee, I had to pause it. And get this: when daddy showed up, she actually started BAWLING because she didn’t want to go home and thus stop watching the movie. I think that right there says it all.

As an adult, I surprisingly enjoyed the movie. I really hate most of the Disney tv shows because honestly, I hate the humor and they all seem like idiots. But I did love Descendants so I figured I’d give it a chance. It is definitely just as good as Descendants. It has that ‘feel good’ with humor thing. There was only one part I didn’t like, which was the rap scene. When you watch it, you will definitely understand why.

Adventures in Babysitting Movie Review

My niece said her favorite part was the little girl because she looked like a princess. I liked the cop (you’ll see.)

Oh, another cool part. You get a cute magnet frame in your dvd! Buy it here.

You can get some cute coloring pages and fun stuff for your kids before or after the movie!
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