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Adopt a Turkey Month

November is turkey month. Most people eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Some people have ham (we have both) or lasagnas, but mostly, people eat turkey.


But back in the 80s, some people got together and decided to try to save turkeys instead of eating them. Personally, turkeys kind of scare me a bit. I’m always a bit afraid that they are going to run after me and attack me.

Anyways, even our presidents like saving turkeys. Since 89, the sitting president pardons a turkey every year around the holiday. This turkey gets to live out its life instead of becoming dinner.

pictured: not dinner

pictured: not dinner

There are two different ways to adopt a turkey. The first is to actually adopt a turkey. Be aware that adopting a large, live bird is not easy. My neighbor had chickens, and it was  pain. I can only imagine having a turkey. But, if you have done the research and are ready to adopt, November is a great month for it. Just don’t adopt it and then eat it. That’s weird.

Turkeys aren’t the easiest pets to find. If you are lucky, you can find one up for adoption on Pet Finder. Or, try calling around to local farms to see if they have any turkey babies for sale. Even if they don’t, they may know where to find one. While you can buy live baby turkeys or turkey eggs online, they seem to only be sold (everywhere) from March to June.

Here are a couple pictures of baby turkeys, because babies are cute.

1353607849640531 images spring-babies-2011-turkey-face

If you want to adopt a turkey without the responsibility, consider symbolically adopting one. The best place is Farm Sanctuary. They are the originator of the holiday after all. For $30, you can choose from five different turkeys to “adopt.” OR, for $50, you can just donate in the name of Turpentine, the symbol of the sanctuary.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.56.38 AM

Are you planning on adopting a turkey this November? Or are you going to just be like everyone else and eat one?

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