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Adopt a shelter dog month


Every year, between 3-4 million animals are waiting in shelters to get adopted. This month, October, is national adopt shelter dog month. So many of these dogs get put down instead of adopted.

If you have been playing around with the idea of adopting a dog, do it now! Shelter dogs are usually the best dogs. They usually just want to love you and be loved in return.

A few things to think about before you go to adopt a doggie.


The Neighborhood

Check out where you live. Are there specific breeds you aren’t allowed to have in your city? Where is the closest 24 hour vet? The closest normal vet? Is there any dog parks around? Do your neighbors have dogs that your future puppy can play with?

The Breed

This is a big one! Do you want a big dog or a little dog? Can you handle a big dog? Just because you love the way a specific breed looks doesn’t mean you can handle it. Do a little bit of searching on dog breeds you like. Always good if you have a cell phone and can look up breeds¬†while you are at the shelter. A big thing to look at is energy level. If you want a dog that just likes to sit on the couch and cuddle, you probably shouldn’t get a high energy dog.

The Stuff

You wouldn’t bring a baby home without buying a crib first would you? The same goes for a dog. If you plan on crate training, buy a crate. Buy a bed. Buy a bag of dog food to start out with. Fun fact: if your dog doesn’t like the food, a lot of stores will let you return it, given you haven’t fed them half the bag already. Part of the fun of adopting a dog is buying all the stuff. You can always return stuff if you buy the wrong size or too much.

Now that you are ready for a dog, time to go get one! Since it is adopt a shelter dog month, adopting from a shelter is the plan. Although adopting from a shelter is good no matter what month it is. But, adopting from a rescue is also good.

Most areas have shelters. But here are a couple of great sites to look at dogs without even leaving your house!

aspca adoptable dogs




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