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ABC’s of Couponing


Couponing has it’s own language. I even wrote a paper about it. Unfortunately, it can be as confusing as Latin if you don’t understand it. But luckily for you, I have created a couponing encyclopedia with all the terms you will need to know to be a successful couponer.


$.50/1, $1/1, $2/3, ect

This is the basic coupon set up. The first number is the amount of money that the coupon takes off. The second is the amount of items needed to buy in order to get the money off.

Letter A

Letter b

B1G1, B1G2, B2G1, ect

This stands for Buy (number) get (number) free. The first number is always the number of items you must purchase to get the second number of items free.


A blinkie is a type of coupon that is found in stores. They come out of ‘blinkie machines.’ One coupon pops out, and once it is taken, out pops another.


Stands for Buy One Get One. Same things as B1G1. You must buy one item to get the other free.

Letter C


Catalinas are the coupons that print out at the register. They can be off total purchase or single item coupons.


A piece of paper that acts like money when used to purchase a specific item.

Coupon Database

It is exactly as it sounds. A database of all the current coupons out for use.

Coupon Insert

This is where most coupons come from. These are the coupon books that come with newspapers.

Letter D

Dead Deal

When a deal is expired, couponers label it a dead deal. Deals can be dead because a coupon is expired, a coupon is no longer printing, ect.

Double Coupons

Not many stores still do this. When a coupon is doubled the amount the coupon takes off is doubled. So if the coupon was .50/1, it is now $1/1.

Letter E

Extra Bucks (EBC)

These are the reward dollars that CVS gives out. They are referred to as either Extra Bucks or EBC.

Letter F


A filler is usually an item that you don’t really need, but buy it because it allows you to do a deal. For example, you are at $20, and you need to be at $25, so you throw in a $5 item. Or, you need to buy five participating items, but you currently only have 4.

Letter G


GC stands for gift card.

Letter H


Hangtags are coupons found on products. They are found hanging on a product.

Letter I


IP stands for internet printable. An IP is just a coupon printed from the internet.

Letter J

Letter K

Letter L

Letter M


Stands for manufacturer.

MFR Coupon

A coupon distributed by a manufacturer. Most coupons are MFR coupons.


Mail in rebate. With a MIR, you purchase a product at full price and then send in your receipt for a check for your full or half amount.


MM stands for money maker. A money maker is when you do a deal that actually gives you money to walk out of the store with your items.

Letter N

NLA stands for no longer available. People tend to say this about IP’s that are “NLA” to be printed.

Letter O

One Coupon Per Purchase

This means that you can only use on coupon per item. 99% of coupons say this. For example, if you have four items, you can only use four coupons.

One Coupon Per Transaction

This is different than per purchase. It means you can only use one coupon per check out at the register. So if you have four identical coupons, you can only use one of them.


Stands for out of pocket. It is how much money you will spend.


Stands for on your next order. Catalina’s are coupons that are usually used on your next order.

Letter P


Peelies are coupons that are found on items. They are like a sticker. They are called peelies because you have to peel them off the product.


PM stands for price match. Certain stores allow you to match the prices of other stores at their store in order to get your business.

Letter Q


Abbreviation for coupon

Letter r


RA is the abbreviation for Rite Aid

Raincheck (RC)

Rainchecks are slips of paper that stores give out when they are all out of a product. That way you can still get the sale a week, month, ect later when the items are in stock.

Rolling, Rolling Cat

This is when you use a catalina to pay for a transaction and still get another catalina at the end of your order. Not all catalinas roll.


Abbreviation for Redplum, the company that sends out coupons. They have both coupon inserts and internet printables.


Stands for Register Rewards, the loyalty card system at Walgreens. Much like EBCs, they are money for buying specific sale items.

Letter S


Stacking is when you use two coupons together. See store coupon for more information.

Store Coupon

A coupon that a specific store gives out. These are not MFR coupons. That means you can use both a store coupon and a MFR coupon on the same item.


Stands for Smart Source, a company that gives out coupons in inserts from the Sunday paper.

Letter T


Tearpads are coupons found in store. They are a pad, much like a notepad. You tear the coupon off to take it.

Letter U

Letter V

Letter W


Short for Walgreens.

Letter X

Letter y

Letter Z

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