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8 Christmas Gifts for the Frugal Person in Your Life *Guest Post*

8 Christmas Gifts for the Frugal Person in Your Life

Christmas is coming, and we only have a few weeks left before the Christmas rush comes in! It would be wise to start plan out your Christmas shopping list as early as now, and start buying them one by one to avoid the hassle in shopping malls.

Being frugal is a very good thing. There are lots of tips and tricks on the internet, but we all know that being thrifty is easier said than done. If you feel like you need to start saving up, then visit the Alpha Car Finance website, as they have a number of articles that can help you save up – and their tips are actually really practical.

Wondering what to give that frugal person in your life? We have got a whole lot of things that you can choose from, and we are sure you will find one that would best fit your frugal friend’s personality.

Laundry Supplies

Everyone has to do their laundry at some point, and for frugal people, they probably do theirs on their own every time. Surprise them by giving them a practical gift: one-month supply of laundry stuff. It is totally up to you if you want to give a week, month, or a year’s worth. Include a bag or bags of powder detergent, a few bottles of fabric softener, and extras such as bleach, gloves, and baking soda.

Gift Cards

This is the safest but most practical gift that you can give to a frugal (or even a non-frugal) person. Gift cards give the receiver freedom to choose which gift to buy for themselves. It’s like a personalized gift, only better. You can try gifting them with a gift card to the gas station, a grocery store, or to their favorite restaurant.

LED Bulbs

Every household uses light bulbs. Give your frugal friend some LED light bulbs, which they probably use at home. Bulbs get old and stop working after some time, and replacing and buying them can become a pain for the frugal person. LED bulbs are a great choice since they tend to be money-savers, which your frugal friend will surely love.

Surge Protector

Get them one of those smart strip extensions – trust me, they will love it. The surge protector makes sure that all (or some) appliances are turned off when they are not in use. All you have to do is tap the “off” button, and you are good to go. This prevents the consumption of unused energy, which leads to lower energy consumption. We all know how frugal people love saving up on electricity.

Instant Pot

If you have a busy friend who is also frugal, then gift them with this. Instant pots allow you to cook something simple, so even if your friend comes home late from work, they still have the time to come up with something for dinner.


Now, this is for your frugal friend with the green thumb. They most probably love spending time in the garden, so it would be best to give them some vegetable and fruit seeds. Growing your own veggies and fruits in your backyard not only serves as an interesting hobby, it also allows you to save up on ingredients for your meals.

An External Battery that can be Charged Through Solar Power

Your frugal friend probably hates charging their phones or gadgets over and over, as this can use up so much energy, leading to an expensive electricity bill. Instead of giving them a plain and normal power bank or external battery, opt to gift them a solar charged external battery. As long as the sun is out, they can charge their batteries and use them for hours on end! Thanks to you though, they would probably spend most of their day under the sun!

Beddings and Linens

Everybody loves sleeping, and that means so does your frugal mum. Give her a set of comfortable beddings and linens, and she will surely thank you for it. Pillows wear out over time, and bedsheets can get stained. A frugal person won’t probably mind a few minor stains here and there, but receiving a new set of beddings will definitely excite them.

Gifts doesn’t have to be fancy all the time. As the old saying goes: “It’s the thought that counts”. Happy shopping!

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