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7 Thrifty Design Tips for Cosy Winter Bedrooms *guest post*

7 Thrifty Design Tips for Cosy Winter Bedrooms

The chill of winter brings with it the desire for warmth and comfort. Nothing is quite like snuggling up under your covers when it’s cold outside. But touch is not the only sense that will make you feel cosy in the cold months. We have compiled some useful tips for making your bedroom extra cosy without breaking the bank.

Use Dark Hues

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While lighter shades are great for making a room more spacious, darker colours will bring in the room and make it feel extra cosy in the winter. It’s easy to add darker tones to your room without a full makeover using temporary elements such as the bedsheets, pillowcases, lampshades, or a rug. Consider using warm, natural colours such as brown and green for an inviting atmosphere.

Soft Lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in any room. Soft, warm shades of light are ideal for the cold seasons. Again, this can be done easily without redesigning your room completely. You could switch to warmer lightbulbs (such as Edison bulbs) or different lampshades for cosier hues. If you already have task lamps in the room, consider using these rather than the overhead light. And if you already have a dimmer switch – perfect!

Personal Touch

With a bit of DIY, you can add some beautiful eccentricity to your bedroom. For example, you could fashion your own nightstand by fastening a vintage suitcase on top of a stool. If you’re a more advanced DIYer, consider painting a piece of furniture in a distressed style. A bit of creativity will go far in giving your bedroom a personal, cosy touch.

Natural Textures

Photo Credit: Adobe Living

Incorporating natural textures like wood, stone, leather, and plants into your bedroom design is ideal for adding warmth and cosiness. Instead of going to IKEA or an interior design shop, save money by buying second-hand items in thrift shops or online. You’re likely to find much more unique items at much more reasonable prices.

Pile up the Pillows and Throw Rugs

Pillows and throws add texture and warmth to the bedroom, and they’re also great contributors to your colour scheme. Use warm, natural hues and textures for the cosiest effect. Not only will they be a treat for the eyes, but they will make snuggling up in bed all the more comfy. Again, shop second hand or online to keep it within your budget.

Layer Rugs

Textured rugs fill the space and bring softness and warmth into the bedroom. Go above and beyond by layering rugs for a unique, cosy feel. Consider using relatively thin rugs to avoid lumps where they overlap. Rugs are also a great opportunity to add some textures and colours into the overall design, so consider how they will fit in. 

Display Books

Curling up with a book and a hot drink is a favourite wintertime activity among many. Books evoke ideas of peaceful, thoughtful comfort, and look nice in most settings. Most likely, you already have some books at home, so you don’t have to spend any money to incorporate them into your design. Stack some of your favourite books in a visible place to contribute to the warm atmosphere. You might even motivate yourself to read!

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