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7 Benefits of Writing Things Down

7 Benefits of Writing Things Down7 Benefits of Writing Things Down

In this modern, smartphone-driven world, most people have developed this habit of reaching out to their mobile devices for almost everything – this also includes noting things down. Noting down things on your smartphone is quite convenient and handy. However, documenting ideas and thoughts on a touchscreen cannot equate the feel and satisfaction that comes from writing them down on paper. Logging things does not only mean not having to remember things to recollect them later – there are quite a few more benefits to it. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven benefits of writing things down.

Keeping a Record of the Past

7 Benefits of Writing Things Down

If you have the habit of writing down your feelings and thoughts regularly, you are creating a catalogue of experiences, which you could have forgotten had you not written them down. When you go through your archives, you get some valuable insights into your emotional self and thought process. For instance, you may be able to recollect instances when you were helped by another individual, helping you maintain your gratitude towards that person.

Increases Your Commitment Levels

7 Benefits of Writing Things Down

When you write down your goals, you are not just providing yourself space to explore possibilities but you also are likelier to achieve them. Writing down goals also helps you inch closer to realising your objectives. For an additional shot of motivation, make sure the goals you’ve written down are displayed in a spot that you frequently happen to set your eyes on.

Unloads Your Brain

7 Benefits of Writing Things Down

When you write down things, you don’t have to remember them. And when you do not have a lot occupying your mind, you are able to think more clearly since your brain is not being worn down by unnecessary thoughts and ideas. According to TED speaker, David Allen, the human brain is designed to process and analyse things and not store material. Once people realize how writing helps lighten their head, it’s hard to quit the habit of writing.

Improved Memory

According to a study carried out by Daniel Oppenheimer (UCLA Los Angeles) and Pam Mueller (Princeton University), writing down things enhances your ability to recollect those things. If you’re a student and you have this habit of writing down answers when preparing for a test, you would have noticed writing makes it easier to remember things compared to oral recitation. It’s not clear why writing helps more but it could probably be the imprinting that occurs in your brain while writing. In other words, your brain processes the information much better when you write. As a result, you remember more.

Aging Doesn’t Degrade Your Cognition

7 Benefits of Writing Things Down

When you write things down, your brain stays in its best possible shape. Writing is not just an exercise for your arms and fingers but also your brain since your concentration levels are invariably high when writing. Writing helps the brain in several different ways as clearly explained in this piece by NCBI. Therefore, if you’re bogged down mentally or you are looking to refresh your thoughts or mind, just start writing by hand and you’ll instantly feel the difference.

You Become Less Anxious

As aforementioned, writing things down helps reduce mental stress, which helps you breathe and relax better. When you’re relaxed, your anxiety levels come down too. The stress could be related to life in general, stereotypes, work pressure, etc. According to the research study carried out by Jordan Peterson, professor at University of Toronto, writing down things by hand helps organize emotions and thoughts.

Your Writing Skills Improve

7 Benefits of Writing Things Down

This may come as a surprise but a study discovered that elementary school students who wrote essays by hand wrote faster, clearer and came up with more complete sentences compared to students who used their laptops as a writing tool. University of Wisconsin has a dedicated page that elucidates how students can improve their writing skills by simply writing more.

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