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5 Things They Don’t Tell You About NYC

I’ve now been to New York City four times. I love being in NYC. The hustle and bustle, getting around, the people, the… everything. But vacationing in New York is not like vacationing in other places. There are a ton of misconceptions about NYC or things that ‘everyone knows’ that aren’t so true. After my last trip (which was my second business trip, but first business trip to NYC!) I decided to make my list: BLANKFILLIN things they don’t tell you about New York City.

Five Things they Dont Tell you About NYC

1. If you travel in the summer, the subways WILL be HOT

It was about 80F-ish outside when I was in NYC. It was at least 100 in the subway station. I sweat so much in such a short time frame, I felt like I just stepped out of a shower. That’s how sweaty and wet I was. It was gross.

5 Things They Don't Tell You About NYC - 1. If you travel in the summer, the subways WILL be HOT

I’m not saying don’t take the subway because if you are like me and don’t have a subway in your area, then riding the subway is cool. Just be prepared with extra deodorant and pack extra shirts.

2. It is OK to ask for directions

I kept getting turned around, despite my map and my phone. Like, I walked in the completely wrong direction and ended up in West Villiage when I was aiming for East. So I asked for directions. I had to ask random New Yorkers for directions a couple of times. But everyone was helpful and no one was rude. I even asked a guy who had headphones on.

5 Things They Don't Tell You About NYC - 2. It is OK to ask for directions

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about NYC is that all New Yorkers are rude. Take this quote from the Stepford Wives:

Joanna Eberhard: If you’re in Manhattan, what do you do if you find out your neighbor is sick?

Roger Bannister: Call her…

Bobbi Markowitz: -To see if she is going to die…

Roger Bannister: -So we could rent the apartment.

But from my experience, New Yorkers aren’t any ruder than anyone else.

3. If you need help in Times Square, ask a tour bus salesperson

Back to the getting lost thing. If you get lost in Times Square, don’t ask a random person. There is a good chance that they are also a tourist and can’t help. But you should ask one of the hundred tour bus people. They are EVERYWHERE. I suck at walking out the door and figuring out which way I am supposed to turn. Because in front of basically every door is a bus person, I just asked them. They seem to understand that you just want directions, not a $50 bus tour, so they get you on your way so they can sell to the next person. Just make sure to say thank you!

5 Things They Don't Tell You About NYC - If you need help in Times Square, ask a tour bus salesperson

4. EVERYTHING is overpriced

You might be thinking, how is this an unknown fact? Everyone knows New York is expensive. But until you get there, you don’t realize just how expensive it is. For example, I was falling asleep while at my conference and I had already sucked down a large Starbucks. So I needed some other caffeine filled drink. I went with a Mt Dew. My normal sized bottle of Mt Dew that costs me a $1.50 at home put me back $3.50. Later I needed an Arizona Tea. If you drink Arizona, you know they are ALWAYS .99, since it says so on the can. Not so in NYC! It also cost me about $3.50.

Some more fun examples:

Funko Pops are usually about $8.99 regular price here in Michigan. Every single store had them at least at $12.99.

It cost me $30 to eat by myself at Olive Garden. If I hadn’t been so darn hungry, I would have been upset. But at that point, I would have paid $50 if it meant I could shovel food into my mouth.

5. You can’t just take a picture with Mickey Mouse and leave

In Times Square there are at least 50 characters walking around. The Naked Cowboy, the Statue of Liberty, Minnie and Mickey, a fat Spiderman, a nightmare-inducing Anna and Elsa. And they are there for you to take pictures with. But with a cost. YOU MUST TIP! This is what Minnie and Mickey do for a living. They dress up and take pictures with tourist. Now, how much you tip is at your discretion, but I would do about $1 a person. So if you take a picture of your five kids with Anna and Elsa, give them at least $5.

5 Things They Don't Tell You About NYC - You can't just take a picture with Mickey Mouse and leave

If you don’t take a picture, you don’t have to pay. What I mean by this is that sometimes your kid just wants to go up to see scary looking Anna. Let them! Then just walk away. Another kid sees your kid talking to Anna with leprosy and begs their mom to get their picture with her. So it works. Just don’t try to sneak a picture. That’s just rude.

If you are wondering what these Anna and Elsa’s look like, here ya go:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.55.08 PM

That about wraps up my tips. Do you have any tips about NYC?

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