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5 Things You Don’t Need When Living on Campus

I came across this awesome post by BigWords explaining 5 things that you don’t need for college. I wanted to give my input, as I have been a college student for what seems like forever.

5 things you don't need when living on campus

5 Things You Don’t Need When Living on Campus

All of my tips here come from personal experience. I did one semester in a dorm room at Central Michigan Uni. I then transferred to Wayne State and commuted from home. I am SO not room sharer.

New Books

The college bookstore will try to convince you that you NEED that $200 brand new textbook. It has that fresh textbook smell! Thing is, you don’t. I can’t even explain how much money I have saved by buying used textbooks or renting them. I do actually use BigWords to find the best price on my textbooks because it compares all the different sites. And no, this post is not sponsored by them, I just really recommend them.

Expensive Bedding

I know that that beautiful comforter set at Bed Bath & Beyond is calling your name. I understand. But you don’t need it. You will be fine with a set from Target. I promise they are just as cute! Or heck, even check Amazon!


This one is a ‘just depends.’ At Central, we had 500 prints a semester. You don’t really need a printer with that many prints unless you are planning on printing out a car manual (my friend at the time did that.) Now, if you don’t have that kind of printing opportunity, then buy a crappy $40 printer. You will need it for papers, coupons, creating passive-aggressive notes for your roomies….


A tv is also a ‘just depends.’ If you are one of the lucky ones and get to have a room to yourself, bring a tv. If you are rooming with others, pick one of you to bring a tv. You don’t need four tvs. Just one!

Pots and Pans

I made this mistake. I thought I would be cooking all the time because I only had the two meals a day meal plan. I was wrong. I do suggest bringing one sauce pan and a brownie pan. A brownie pan can also work as a cookie sheet. Because when midterms or finals come – you WILL be needing sweets.


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