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Five Must-Haves for Any Roadtrip

I recently went on a 10-hour road trip to NYC from Detroit. All by myself. This isn’t the first time I’ve made this trip either. Going on a road trip by yourself actually kind of sucks. I had car trouble twice. Thank goodness people took pity on me and helped me because I have no idea how to fix cars.

5 must-haves for any roadtrip

In order to survive such a long road trip, there are a couple of essentials that you HAVE to have.


Unless you feel like stopping every time you get hungry or feel thirsty, you need to bring your own food. I stocked up at Meijer because they had some great deals going on. I ended up taking:

I ended up throwing all of my food into a backpack, which worked wonderfully. I had my Mountain Dew already cold in the fridge plus added some ice packs in a cooler. While I had no way to get my MD cold for the trip back home, going there it worked beautifully.


Unless you are my Grandma M and the closest you get to technology is using a home phone, you probably need to charge things. For me, ‘things’ was my cell phone. I used my phone as my gps and radio (Pandora). I would have been completely lost if my phone died.

I use this thing in my car. It works via Bluetooth so you can connect your phone to your cars speakers. You can also charge right from it. I think you can also put in a sd card, but I’ve never used it for that. My only issue with it is that I can’t figure out how to make it go back to English, so it yells at me in like Korean or something.


I have super sensitive eyes, so I wear my sunglasses ALL the time. Except for at night, and it better be legit night out. I drove out at night and made it through most of PA by around sunrise. I would have had to stop and get sunglasses if I had forgotten mine. Because I wear glasses and I hate transitions, I wear Solar Shields. They work wonderfully as they just fit right over your glasses.


When I’m on a road trip, no matter how long, I HAVE to be comfy. I’m not going to wear jeans all day while I’m driving. I want to wear something loose. I wore my Wayne State sweats and they were amazing. I also threw on my Tigers hoodie. On the way back, I wore a matching pair of sweats and sweatshirt from the Pink store in NYC. I looked like a giant grey person. They don’t seem to have the outfit online, and mine is in the laundry basket, so I won’t be taking a picture. Instead, admire this awesome Doctor Who set instead.

Blanket and Pillow

If you are driving alone, there is a pretty good chance you will get tired. Which sucks, because stopping to nap adds time to your drive. But for me, I don’t really get a choice. When I get tired, I’m tired. I actually used an electric blanket I had in my trunk, but any blanket will do. Just make sure you have one!

Those are my five essential items for a super long road trip. What are your must haves?

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