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16 Must-Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit

You may have read my post from last week about the 6 items commuter students need to have. If not, it’s ok, I’ll wait. 🙂

The thing is, I lied. There are actually seven things commuter students need. And that seventh item is a college emergency kit. You may be asking yourself, why did she lie? Honestly, because I knew I could write a whollleeeee post about a college emergency kit. And wala, here you are.

16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit

Things You Need

A bag

I have slight obsession with makeup bags. I have no idea why considering I really never take makeup anywhere unless I’m traveling. I don’t carry my pens around. But I NEED to have all the little bags. It is a problem. Unless you are making a college emergency kit, then they are perfect.

I found some cute bags from Etsy to give you some inspiration for your emergency kit. Now, I really have no idea what kind of bag a guy would want, so you are on your own on that one. The size of your bag really just depends on how many of my recommended items you choose to include. I personally love the “oh shit kit” since that is basically what we are making. Click on the pictures to be redirected to Etsy.16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit 16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit 16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit


I know I mentioned pens as one of the essential items in my other post, but you should keep an extra in here, just in case. Because I’m having fun with Etsy today, here are some cool pens. 16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit


Boy or girl, you need chapstick. Especially if you live in the northern states because winter can be brutal. I’m a Burts Bees fan myself, but any kind of chapstick works.


Make sure you have a pair of the small kid scissors in your kit. You never know what you may need them for. You don’t have to get the safety scissors, although they do come in fun colors.


Tissue is another must have. I’ve gotten two nosebleeds on campus – and because of course, I was nowhere near a bathroom. Typical. I currently have cute Disney princess tissues I got from Dollar Tree, but I know that isn’t everyone’s style.
16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit

Tape/Glue Stick

Since both are adhesives, I will lump them together. Personally, I think you should carry both. You never know when you may need tape. Like when you accidently rip the front page of your paper.

Hair Ties/ Rubber Bands

If you are a guy, you probably won’t carry around hair ties, so rubber bands work. Hair ties are super dual purpose, though, since they work in your hair and to hold things.

Binder Clips/Paper Clips

I have a thing with clips. I seem to have a thing with everything, don’t I? Anyways, these are perfect if you forgot to staple your paper and no one seems to have a stapler (even though you know they do.) If you go with binder clips, I suggest getting assorted sizes.
16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit

Mini Stapler

Of course, you can always BE that person who has a stapler in their bag and doesn’t share. No shame in that game. These ones below are way over priced, but look how adorable they are!
16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit

Mini Deodorant

I tend to sweat a lot. It is really quite gross. My favorite is when it is -20F on campus and about 90F in the buildings. So you are all bundled up with like 12 layers on to suddenly be sweating everything out in a sauna. This is where mini deo comes in handy.


With this gum or mints, they are not your go to. They are for EMERGENCIES. Like when that cute boy suddenly decides to talk to you, or you forgot you have a presentation after you just ate a clove or garlic. You know, emergencies.

Mini Sewing Kit

If you are lucky, you can get one of these for free at expos, fairs, etc. These are perfect for when a button falls off or a random hole opens up in your jeans/shirt. The needles are already threaded with basic colors. Even if the thread doesn’t match perfectly, it is better than nothing.
16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit

A few extra bucks

The worst thing in the world is to be super thirsty for anything but water. Or even better, have the lead levels in the drinking fountains be at hazardous levels, so you can’t drink said water. Yay Wayne State! Having a few extra bucks in your emergency kit is perfect for when you just NEED a Mountain Dew.

Girls only: Period Stuff

Like with the gum, this should be your emergency ‘shit I don’t have any’ stash. Keep a couple of the smaller tampons plus some liners in your bag. So you never have to be like me and skip class because you started your period, have nothing, and have to go home.

Wet Wipes

One time I decided it was a great idea to bring a little cup of applesauce with me for lunch. Did you know that applesauce has this magical ability to jump out of the cup and all over you? I found that out. Wet wipes are perfect for cleaning up those stupid messes caused by evil little apple sauce cups.


This one is really totally optional, but a great idea nonetheless. I suggest this because I’ve totally forgotten to bring a spoon/fork with me for lunch. And unless I was in the student center, there is nowhere to get one. This solves that dilemma.
16 Must Have Items for Your College Emergency Kit

I think that is it! I know, what an incredibly long list for a tiny little emergency bag! But I promise you WILL be able to cram it all in there. Is there anything you would add to your emergency kit that I missed?

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