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15 Awesome Pet Costumes for Halloween

I love dressing up my pets. I don’t know what it is, but I love seeing my cats in little dresses and sweaters, my dog dressed up in a little winter coat. Here is my dog, Mia, dressed up like my black cat and my kitten, Evie, dressed up as Batman. My black cat, Ursula, is being a butt and refusing to let me put any clothes on her.

I decided to put together some of my absolute favorite pet costumes for this Halloween. 

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Cat Costumes

The ever wondrous Unicorn Cat

Argggg it’s Pirate Cat, saavy?

BUM BUM. BUM BUM. It’s shark cat on the attack! (I love how angry this cat looks)

Pizza cat is the perfect costume for those cats who regularly try to steal your pizza off your plate.

Want to humiliate your cat as much as possible? Dress them up as a stack of pancakes.

Dog Costumes

Oui, Monsieur, it is I, French Dog you are looking for!

LET IT GO, ELSA, just let it go!

Give him a little guitar and this Mariachi dog will be ready to entertain all night!

This is one little lady bug you’d want in your home!

Pizza cats partner in crime, Pizza dog!

Other Awesome Pet Costumes

Sailor moon bunny costume!

This is technically a first birthday costume, but come on, it is awesome!

Hedgehogs like to dress up for Halloween too!

Naruto bunny costume!

Why does the human get to be the magician, bunnies like magic too!

What are you dressing your pet up as for Halloween?

15 Awesome Pet Costumes for Halloween


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