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12 Tips to become a Responsible Pet Owner

While everyone thinks of February just as Valentines Day, it is also Responsible Pet Owners to be a responsible pet owner

I am a major animal lover. Well, a kind of passive animal lover. I don’t really volunteer or eat vegetarian, but still. I’m that type of person who becomes furious when I see any type of animal abuse. I recently read an article about how the little animals at big pet store chains like Petsmart, Petco, and Pet Supplies Plus are kept in horrible conditions. It made me really mad.

Anyways, just being a good pet owner doesn’t mean you are a responsible one. Think about animal hoarders. They love animals and they think they being truly good things. But again, being a good, loving pet owner isn’t the same as a responsible one.

Here are my tips for being a responsible pet parent!

  • Don’t have too many pets.
    • I mentioned hoarding above, but you don’t even need to be a 100 cat person. Really think about how many pets you can care for. That includes food and vet, but also attention and love. Personally, I think I could handle three cats. As much as I want a cat for every Disney villain, I know it isn’t possible.

how to be a responsible pet owner

  • Make sure your pet has identification.
    • Ursula has two types of identification on her all the time. The first is her collar/tag. I got her this adorable little Ursula tag with my info on the back.
    • The second is a microchip. I got a fabulous deal, but they really aren’t that much. It is definitely worth it because all animals have the chance to get outside.

how to be a responsible pet owner

  • Be ready.
    • Before you even get a little baby (or big baby) make sure you are ready. Don’t just think ‘oh I want a dog’ and then go adopt one that same day. Do some research. Not all breeds, of dogs or cats, are the same. When we got my dog, Mia, we did a bunch of research. I think I took out every dog book at the library. We knew we wanted something small that was calm and loveable. It’s why we got a mini schnauzer.
    • Get the stuff you need before you get the animal. If you are cheap like me, plan way ahead so you can get the best deals. Get food, a bed, toys, ect. My brother surprised me with a kitty for Christmas a while back. We went that night to Meijer on the way home to pick up all the stuff I would need. I think I got him a few days later. Only good thing is that I found a $10 Target gift card in the parking lot.
    • Make sure you have money for your new baby. Animals cost money, just like human babies do. If you are getting an actually baby animal, they need shots, to be fixed, ect. Even if you shop around for the best prices, it still usually costs over $100.

how to be a responsible pet owner

  • Pamper your pet.
    • I don’t mean pamper like take it to a doggy spa and pay for a massage. But keep the animal clean.
    • Make sure you cut the animals nails. While Ursula despises anyone touching her back feet, I still gotta do it. I don’t really do it with Mia because she does a really good job of keeping them short herself. Not sure how, but it works.
    • Keep their fur trimmed and clean. You can take them in or do it yourself, but make sure to keep on getting your baby’s hair trimmed. I shave both Mia and Ursula. Mia is kind of ok with it, you can just imagine how Ursula does.
    • Brush, brush, and brush again! Mia doesn’t actually need brushed very often. She is old and her hair is now very thin. Ursula on the other hand, has a shit ton of hair. She thinks brushing is a means of torture, but I could brush her every day and take a kitten sized amount of fur out.
    • Dress them for the weather. I know people either love or hate animal clothes. But like I mentioned, Mia has very thin fur. She needs a sweater on during the winter just to keep her warm. It can get down into the negatives her in Michigan; I don’t want her to freeze to death while she pees.

how to be a responsible pet owner

  • Above all, love them. 

While I mentioned cats and dogs in these tips, they really apply to any pet, maybe except fish. But bunnies, hamsters, birds, even mice, all deserve to have loving, responsible owners.

hedgehog-468228_1920how to be a responsible pet owner

I try really hard to be a responsible pet owner. And if I’m not, I’m sure Ursula will remind me. 🙂

What are your tips for responsible pet ownership?

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7 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    Such a good post! Having a pet is a lot of work and responsibility!

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  2. Great read – and great tips. I admit my dog has a microchip, but I never got it changed from the shop where we bought her from. Ugh – that’s not a responsible pet owner. I need to get that changed. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Idaintyit says:

    Great post. I adore my dogs, they are my babies. I definitely think that people should read up before getting a pet!

  4. Laci says:

    Love these tips more ppl definitely need to read this !! 🙂

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