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10 Things You Should Never Buy New

10 Things You Should Never Buy NewWhy spend more money than you have to? I love to hit up garage sales and mom to mom sales. Buying used can save you a boatload of money. So what should you scoop up and what should you stay away from? Here is my list of the 10 things you should never buy new.

1. Furniture

10 Things You Should Never Buy New

New furniture is crazy expensive. Do you really need a $2,000 living room set? No, no you don’t. I highly recommend checking out Craigslist. People are always getting rid of furniture. Just make sure to take a good look at the pictures and get sizes before you go to pick it up. Sometimes you can even find awesome free furniture on Craigslist!

2. Jewelry

Brand new jewelry can be almost as expensive as furniture. Even costume jewelry can run up to $50. That’s insane. Check out a thrift store or garage sale instead. If you are looking for real jewelry, like gold, estate sales are the way to go. I recommend going to estate sales that have hand written signs. The ones run by companies tend to jack prices up way too high.

3. Baby Stuff

10 Things You Should Never Buy NewI may not have had a child, but I have been in my niece’s life since before she was born. Baby clothes are stupid expensive. Have you ever priced them? Baby dresses at Target usually start around $18. I don’t even pay that much for my clothes. Toys are also something you should buy used. A run through the dishwasher or the washer on high heat, and it should be good to go. Make sure to check local mom to mom sales for the best deals.

4. Books

I’m talking physical books here. While book prices have dropped in the last few years due to ebooks, they still aren’t that cheap. It may be harder to find used newer books, but older books are super easy to find. Thrift stores usually have a crap ton of books. Garage sales sometimes have books as well, but not in the quantity of a thrift store. Other good places to look are estate sales. People usually don’t want grandma’s old books.

5. Games

10 Things You Should Never Buy NewI’m talking all types of games here. Board games, computer games, video games. Heck, even video game consoles. As long as you or your kid doesn’t need the newest X-Box, you can usually pick them up reasonably cheap on eBay or at a used game store. Board games are a big find at flea markets. Just make sure all the pieces are there before you buy. Video games are almost everywhere. All games have a thing to wipe the memory so that you can start fresh.

6. Expensive Clothes

10 Things You Should Never Buy NewYes, I know the bag is cute. And I know that pair of pumps makes your legs look longer. But take a look at the price tag. Slowly put the shoes down. Then, run to a thrift store. I can’t even explain how many expensive pairs of pants I have gotten from my favorite thrift store, Value World. Except for my fat jeans, everything I own in Gap, Michael Kors, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc. Most of my skinny shirts? Ann Taylor. I even have two pairs of Coach shoes from there. All real, and all under $5.

7. Holiday Decorations10 Things You Should Never Buy New

Have you ever been to a garage sale and the entire thing is stuffed full of Christmas crap? I’ve been to more than my fair share. Look for garage sales ran by older people, they tend to have the best Christmas stuff. Instead of paying $15 for each Christmas house at the store, get 50 of them for $15.

8. Winter Coats

I’ll be honest; I don’t always follow this one. But thrift stores are full of coats. Long coats, short coats, poofy coats, spring coats. I’ve noticed that most of them are usually wool coats and not so much on long poofy coats. Start looking during spring. That way you have until fall to find a coat, and you won’t be tempted just to run to Target for a new one.

9. Sport Stuff

This one I’ve never actually done, because I hate participating in sports. Mostly because I usually end up injuring myself. But the internet says to get used sporting equipment, especially for kids. An example of why was a kid signing up for football one year and then never touching one ever again. Try thrift stores, garage sales, etc and make sure to check Play it Again Sports, as they specialize in used sporting stuff.

10. Adult Toys

Now, I 100% do not mean the kind of toys that men and women play with in bed in a dark room. I’m talking boats, ATVs, motorcycles, etc. Up until he had Ella, my brother was constantly buying motorcycles to play with a while and then resell. Be 100% percent sure that the item runs and has no significant damage. If you go through craigslist, you usually can negotiate the price down. My brother is an expert in getting the price down to almost nothing. It’s an art.

What do you refuse to buy new? What to do you refuse to buy used? Let me know in the comments below!

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