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10 Easy Tips on How to Save Gas & Money

Owning a car is both a luxury and a pain in the pocket. It’s true that you get to go to places without having to rely on others, yet you still have to worry about expenses on gas, maintenance and such. I’ve been a car owner for about 20 years now, and I have been quite good at managing my finances when it comes to saving on gas and money.

10 Easy Tips on How to Save Gas & Money

Saving on gas and money doesn’t mean that you have to scrimp on your car, it’s just making a few sacrifices that are really worth it. It also has something to do with planning your trips and taking care of your car. Read on to learn about tips on how to save gas and money:


Tip  # 1: Go easy on the load.

Your car is not a storage locker, nor is it a hauling vehicle. Carrying heavy loads equate to more stress on the engine and higher fuel consumption. Remove the unnecessary stuff on your car to make it lighter, so you save up on fuel.

I recently cleaned out my trunk and I realized that I had a lot of boxes of old material in there. I disposed of them and cleaned out the trunk. I also removed the bike rack on my roof. If I wanted to go biking, I wouldn’t bring my car.


Tip # 2: Check your wheels regularly.

10 Easy Tips on How to Save Gas & Money

Check your tires for tire wear and bulges. Before driving off, use a tire pressure gauge to measure the air pressure. A properly inflated car means long lasting tires. Well-kept tires mean easier driving and less fuel consumption. Not only do you save on fuel but you save on tire replacements as well.

What I also do is rotate the tires to even them out. But be careful when doing this because not all tires can swap places with each other especially if you have directional tires.

Check wheel alignment as well. Improper wheel alignment can also contribute to easily worn out tires and bulges. Also, make sure to use the recommended tires. Extra wide or larger tires add to fuel consumption and are for heavy duty vehicles.  


Tip # 3: Use the right kind of engine oil.

Your car has its own needs- use only the recommended products. For example, use the recommended oil for diesel engines to make sure that the engine performs well. You not only save on buying the correct product but you save up on repairs as well.

10 Easy Tips on How to Save Gas & Money

Tip # 4: Schedule your gas purchase

I buy my fuel early on a Monday morning because gas is cooler during this time and cheaper at the start of the week. Gas becomes denser when it’s cool so you get more pumps. Also, I noticed that gas prices typically go up midweek.

Whenever I have a long trip planned, I make sure to fuel up before I travel. Out of way gas stations charge higher, because they are in remote places and the demand is not that high.

Don’t forget to check the gas cap as well. If your gas cap is not properly fitted or it has cracks, the fuel may leak out; therefore wasting it and causing hazard.


Tip # 5: Plan your routes.

Plan your errands so you don’t end up going back and forth. Not only saves you on gas, but on time and effort as well. I also noticed that when making “emergency” stops, I end up purchasing a bottle of ice cold water from a store or picking up a burger along the way because it’s way past lunch time.

Planning your routes also help you avoid heavy traffic. Idling consumes about 1/7 gallon of fuel per hour. So, if you’re caught in traffic for an hour or more, you still wasted gas because you did not go anywhere.


Tip # 6: Drive when it’s cooler.

Driving during weather saves you on fuel because your engine doesn’t work too hard. Cooler air also helps ease the stress out of your engine and prevents overheating.

Cooler temperature also requires less air conditioning, so you don’t have to turn it up full blast. If your air conditioner takes a lot of time to cool your car, it consumes more fuel.


Tip # 7: Follow the speed limit.

10 Easy Tips on How to Save Gas & Money

Following the speed limit not only means safety in driving. Overspeeding prevents sudden starts and stops that increases drag and consumes more fuel. Go easy on the gas pedal and save up on gas.


Tip # 8: Keep your car tuned-up.

Follow the scheduled maintenance such as an oil change every 5,000 miles for newer cars and every 3,000 miles for older cars. Avoid unnecessary oil changes that adds to your expenses.

Check the air filter every month and replace it if it’s dirty. A dirty air filter contributes to higher fuel consumption. A clean air filter also keeps your engine functioning properly – saves you on gas and repairs.


Tip # 9: Purchase your own cleaning materials.

When you have your own cleaning materials, you can easily clean your car should it get dusty or drenched in the rain. When you regularly clean your car, you save up on trips to the car wash and it’s easier to clean them once you have the products and materials handy.


Tip # 10:  Give your car a rest.

Carpool with your neighbors, friends, or family and give your car a rest. If you are going as a group, hitch a ride. When traffic is really bad and you just need to go to one place, take the public transport. Not only saves you money on gas but you get to exercise, meet other people, and avoid the stress of a traffic jam.


What are your thoughts on the above article? I hope that you have learned a few tips or more on how to save gas and money. If you have more tips to share with us, please share them. We’d also love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and questions so don’t hesitate to let us know. Please share this article with your friends as well.


Author Bio : David, the founder of CarUnderstanding, is a car lover. He has a lot of knowledge about cars which he shares on his blog.

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  1. Yes! Those wheels and tires are big factors of fuel efficiency. Changing to a bigger and wider wheels will have a big impact on being fuel efficient. The bigger the diameter the consumption of fuel gets stronger.

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