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10 DIY Decorations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving tends to be one of those holidays that you celebrate at home. My family used to, but then no one wanted to be the host. I can’t say I blame them. So much clean up!

But, I know a lot of people still host Thanksgiving dinner. So I rounded up some of my favorite crafts so you can decorate and be in the holiday spirit. Of course, you don’t have to be hosting Thanksgiving to decorate.

10 DIY Decorations for Thanksgiving

What is cool about Thanksgiving decorations is that you can use most of them for Halloween as well. Pumpkins work for both October and November! Just make sure it doesn’t have a face. 🙂

I chose these crafts because they were the few I found that are more for adults. While creating a hand turkey is cool (I’ll admit I did it last year), it isn’t really a decoration you want to have if you have no kids.

To find the directions, simply click on the photo. It will open up a new tab so you can start crafting!












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