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Free Planner Printable Chores Stickers

Free planner printable chores stickers*This post contains affiliate links*

Chores. Ew. I hate doing chores. Honestly though, does anyone like doing chores? Taking out the trash, putting away the dishes, and my least favorite – doing laundry. I will put laundry off for over a month (I have a lot of clothes.) I still have a basket of hoodies I haven’t put away from over a week ago. Whoops!

For whatever reason, I am really pretty good at doing what I have to if I have it written in my planner. But I don’t always like to write things down, I like to use stickers. I decided to create a bunch of little chores stickers which work perfect in the classic Happy Planner!

To download, click on the picture. It will open a pdf which you should be able to download from there!

Free planner printable chores stickers

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