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The Princess Bride Happy Planner Printable

I first saw the Princess Bride with my childhood friend Karie. Her and our other friend Lauren would quote it to each other and I would feel incredibly left out. So when she invited me over to watch it, I jumped on it. And I loved it immediately.

This movie is so darn quotable. It is also so… 80s. It is inconceivable to think that someone might not like this movie. Not too long ago, I watched the movie and wondered – is there really a book like how the movie portrays?

And yes, yes there is. The book is definitely interesting. It starts out all weird, talking about a guy on a work trip and some hot chick by the pool. I actually stopped reading to double check that I was reading the correct book. It is different, but definitely worth your time.

I’m sorry that for whatever reason the pictures below are so blurry. But don’t worry, when you click to open it you can download a nonblurry version.

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