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Planner Series: Twilight Zone Stickers

Twilight Zone Planner Stickers

So last week I nerded out about Star Wars. This week, it is Twilight Zone, in honor of National Twilight Zone day on the 11th. I’ve been watching Twilight Zone since before I probably should have. My dad LOVES Twilight Zone. It is the only thing he actually records on our dvr.

If you’ve never watched Twilight Zone, well, go watch it now. It is one of the first sci-fi shows. It has inspired a crap ton of movies, such as Midnight in Paris, The Village, Clockstoppers, Liar Liar, Toy Story and many, many more. Each episode stands alone, with no connecting episodes. Each is a story with a sci-fi twist, ranging from super strange to just really making you think. I highly recommend Talking Tina and To Serve Man.

Another nerdy fact: when there is a marathon on Sy-Fy channel, we will just leave the tv on all day. Plus my dad and I will try to guess the next episode without looking it up. Oh, plus if I am upstairs or away (or my dad is) we will text each other lines from the episode.

So enough about my nerdy self. Here are my super cool Twilight Zone stickers!

Twilight Zone Planner Stickers

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3 Responses

  1. Crystal Korzep says:

    How can I get those stickers. We watched that every new year for the reruns. Bought the cd’s.

  2. Jen Archer says:

    These are awesome! Thank you! Huge TZ fan here!

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