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Planner Series: Strawberry Themed Stickers

So, I’m not nerding out this week! But, I do still love this weeks sticker set. Why? Other than the fact that I made them (patting myself on the back here), I love strawberries! I’ve tried growing them before, but they tasted nasty. I don’t know what the heck I do wrong.

Even though I can’t grow them, I love making jam with them. The last time I made jam, it was a mostly strawberry but some blackberry and raspberry jam. It tasted amazing. A little running, but I ended up straining it after the fact.

On to the stickers!
Strawberry Planner Stickers

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4 Responses

  1. odessa says:

    I love the pink font you used what is the name and did you create or buy it? The stickers are so cute I love those hedgehogs, I think I have them in stamp form.

  2. odessa says:

    Thanks for answering. Did you know that there is something wrong with the file. When you click on it it loads then a sad puzzle piece face comes up. To bad because you have a great eye for stickers.

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