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Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

It’s almost Father’s Day! My dad puts up with a lot from me – I’m a *tad* messy and my dad is the complete opposite. Ok, he really deserves a Disney vacation for all he puts up with, but that’s not exactly in my budget. So option number two: get him a kickass Father’s Day gift.

*Some of these products are sponsored, others I chose and may have affiliate links*

Armitron Men’s 20/5123BKSV Silver-Tone Mesh Watch

I think this watch is super classy. My dad isn’t a big watch person, but even he admitted that this is a watch he would wear. I know that I like that it super sleek and easy to read. Plus black and silver goes with pretty much anything. AND it is reasonable!

Father Figure Luca T-Shirt

The Father Figure shirt is perfect for any father with a new born – or in my dads case, a papa with a newborn in the future! What makes this shirt unique is that it has a insert over the shoulder which you can see in the picture. It also has a loop on the side so you can carry around a burp rag or toy! I really hope my dad wears this when my baby is born so I can take a million pictures of him with a toy hanging off his hip.

Beer Can Chicken Roasting Rack & Vegetable Spikes


My dad loves to cook, which is great for me because I don’t – mostly because I’m not great at it. He can look at a bunch of random stuff in the fridge and make a meal, while me on the other hand, look for coupons to buy taco bell. I’m a tad pathetic sometimes.
What is so cool about this beer can chicken set is that it works in the oven or on the bbq. You also get 4 veggie spikes so you can make potatoes, corn, or grilled veggies. You don’t even have to use beer – pretty much any type of liquid mix works. But if you are like me, I suggest sticking to one of the recipes that are included with the kit. The other cool thing about this set? It is dishwasher safe!
Some other super cool stuff that would make great Dad’s Day gifts!

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