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Back to School with Ful Backpacks

*This post is sponsored by Ful and may contain affiliate links*

Back to School with Ful BackpacksBack to school means new backpack time. I always loved picking out a new backpack every year after completely destroying last years. I’m sure my mom did not enjoy buying me a new backpack every year. If I was smart, I would have picked out a backpack that wouldn’t completely fall apart in May. 

If I were to time travel and pick out a different backpack, I would definitely chose one from Ful. Why? Not only are they durable, but if for some reason they do fall apart (other than normal wear and tear,) they have a one year warranty! 

So when back to school shopping, take a look at the new backpacks from Ful. You can buy them at Target, Amazon, or their website

Here are four of my favorite backpacks from Ful this year. 

Ful Mission teal backpack

The Mission backpack was my niece’s favorite out of the ones we got to try. She said it was because of how pretty the pattern was. This is why I like it:

  • Back and straps are really nice and padded
  • Holds laptops up to 15in!
  • Has three fun front compartments for holding treasure (or pencils)
  • Has two side pockets for holding water bottles
  • Has an airflow channel so your back doesn’t get all hot and nasty



Ful Dax Padded Laptop Backpack, Coral

The Dax backpack was Ella’s second favorite. Why? Because it has a little pocket to hold a cell phone. Ella doesn’t even have a cell phone, but man, she liked that pocket. 
What else this backpack boasts:

  • Holds a 15in laptop
  • Has second compartment perfect for holding a tablet (or a super important notebook)
  • Has an “organizer panel” aka the cool pocket you put 800 pens in
  • Padded shoulder straps and back

Ful Dash School Backpack in Teal

I think the Dash backpack would be perfect for high schoolers or college students. Why?

  • It has a big main compartment, perfect for a laptop and a few textbooks
  • It as a tablet area – perfect for toting around your Kindle or Ipad!
  • Has a front organizer area with a spot to hide your phone when your teacher catches you (again)
  • Super padded back
  • Has an airflow channel on the back so no hot backs!

Brick House Laptop Sling Backpack

I’ve never used a sling backpack before. But I think it would be perfect for high schoolers. In high school, I kept most my crap in my locker but still felt the need to carry a bag around. The Brick House sling is perfect for carrying around all of the essentials.

  • Works on either shoulder
  • Has a side entry pocket
  • Has a media pocket aka a space to pull your headphones through
  • Extra cord management pocket
  • Front organizer
  • Padded back

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