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August Printable for the Happy Planner

It is almost August! I can’t believe it. July seems to have flown by for me. Then again, I’ve been through lots this July. I can’t really say I’m sad for it to be over. August Printable for the Happy Planner

To create real stickers, I suggest buying this sticker paper off of Amazon.

August means back to school time for many here in the US. August also brings a ton of fun random holidays, such as black cat appreciation day. I included some of my favorites in this printable. 

August 1st: Girlfriends Day

August 3rd: Friendship Day

August 4th: National Chocolate Chip Day

August 6th: Friendship Day and Sister’s Day

August 8th: International Cat Day

August 10th: S’mores Day

August 12: World Elephant Day

August 15th: Best Friend’s Day

August 17th: Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 18th: National Fajita Day

August 21st: Cupcake Day

August 25th: Brother’s Day

August 26th: National Dog Day

August 27th: Just Because Day

August 30th: Tug-of-War Day

To download the printable, click on the picture. It will open a pdf in a new tab and from there you can download!

August Printable for the Happy Planner August Printable for the Happy Planner

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