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Anna Karenina Planner Printable

I went from one broken love story printable (the Great Gatsby) to another. I tried so hard to read Anna Karenina. I read it on and off for weeks. I made it almost half way. I wanted to read it before I saw the movie version with Keira Knightly and Jude Law. Funny story about me seeing that movie: I was in Indiana with my family at my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. I decided last minute to drive to a random movie theater by myself simply because not a single one around me was playing it.

Anna Karenina Happy Planner Printable

I ended up bawling so hard at the end that my sleeve was soaked. Yeah, it happens.

If you haven’t read the book or watched the movie, there are actually a bazillion characters and a ton of characters in this story. The ‘main’ story is about Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky…. and kinda her hubby too. And while their tale isn’t one that ends particularly well (unlike the other couples,) it is still my favorite.

Also, it was incredibly hard to choose only a handful of quotes from the million I liked. Just so you know.

To download the stickers, simply click on the picture. It will open up in a new tab where you can print them!

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