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10 Books Being Turned into Movies in 2017

Books sometimes can make the greatest movies. Sometimes not so much (think the Blood and Chocolate movie.) Personally, I *mostly* love movie adaptations. When I read, I can see the story playing out as...


Spring Fling Gift Guide

It’s almost Spring and with that comes flowers, gardens, Easter, and fun! The Social Media Gurus Network is getting bigger and better! We are almost ready to show everyone our new website, we are...

Robin Hood Free Happy Planner Printable 0

Disney’s Robin Hood Planner Printable

For the third printable of my February couples series, I went with one of my favorites as a kid: Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Robin Hood is such an underrated Disney movie and seriously,...

Anna Karenina Happy Planner Printable 0

Anna Karenina Planner Printable

I went from one broken love story printable (the Great Gatsby) to another. I tried so hard to read Anna Karenina. I read it on and off for weeks. I made it almost half...