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2018 Detroit Auto Show + Giveaway

Living in the Detroit area, cars have always been a part of my life. I’ve lived my entire life just down the street (literally) from the Ford plant that creates every Mustang in the...


Small Town Winter Happy Planner Printable

It is winter here in Michigan! Not that it hasn’t been, but this last week has been freezing! Schools were called off for the extreme cold and everything. The wind chill was at -25....

5 Free Weight Loss Planner Printables 0

5 Free Weight Loss Planner Printables

It is the beginning of a new year, which means resolutions and a new planner! I’ve scoured the internet for some awesome FREE printables to help you track your weight loss, healthy eating, and...

2018 Movies Planner Printable 0

2018 Movies Planner Printable

It is officially 2018! That means a whole new year of movies. I love going to the movies and I go almost every week. I like having my movies in my planner every week,...